South African Organic Sector Organsiation

The 7th Generation is in your hands

The South African Organic Sector Organisation (SAOSO) has been connecting the dots toward consolidating the Organic Sector in South Africa. 


SAOSO works to unite with farmers, producers, retailers and consumers of organic products so that collectively we can aim to successfully protect the future food freedom and natural ecology of South Africa.


It is our duty as South African's to mobilise a nation that can move towards an organic and sovereign food system that responsibly utilises the land in best practice to regenerate and transform our economy, culture, farmlands, and society.



We call on you to become involved so that we may leave a legacy for our future generations. Show your support by joining the journey here.

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Learn more about the organic sector by reading Frequently Asked Questions, or simply contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Did you know South Africa now has a set of her own Organic Standards

Do you want to farm in alignment with nature? Are you a land steward? Do you want access to clean food? Do you believe in food sovereignty?

SA Organic Standards

SAOSO is connecting the dots for a movement in Organic Production and Agroecological Practices (OPAP)


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