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  • Fri, 06 Dec
    Michael Mount Waldorf School, Bryanston
    Please join us for the SAOSO AGM in The Emerson Room at the Michael Mount Waldorf School. For more information please see "SAOSO 2019" in the SAOSO "Library" under the Research Center Tab.
  • SAOSO 2018 AGM
    Fri, 04 May
    UJ Library
    Come and join us at our 2nd Annual General Meeting at the University of Johannesburg Kingsway Campus Library - Nadine Gordimer Room, Level 5. Register now as we are limited to a maximum of 70 people for this event.
South African Organic Sector Organsiation

2018 AGM


22 March 2017 
UJ Campus

It was SAOSO's first broadly representative grouping with farmers, producers, women, youth, academics and consumers. We are definitely aiming for a bigger room next year as awareness of the SAOSO Standard and PGS grows.

The result of the election was announced and the new Steering Committee introduced.

There were presentations on SAOSO Standards, PGS, Research in Africa, Nutrition, YAI research app, and GMOs. There was also an interactive session setting objectives for the year and consideration of the various 'working groups' that need to be established to take the work of the sector body forward.

SAOSO would like to thank all who attended and contributed to the success of the day.

We hope to have some of the presentations and discussions available on our web site soon.

Read more below around the build up to the SAOSO AGM of 2017




Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of what the upcoming SAOSO AGM means for you.

  • It means that you will be part of the united voice that will represent your interests at a national level.

  • Getting involved signifies your commitment to the SAOSO Strategy - “Taking responsibility for food sovereignty and Sustainable Development through Organic Production and Agroecology Practices whilst reversing the adverse effects of climate change”;


  • It means joining a vibrant, growing sector determined to make a difference toward a better food system for all. From the farm to the consumer, we all are active participants.


This post is about electing people to become custodians of the sector through SAOSO, and the SAOSO Standard for Organic Production and Processing, which belong to the people of South Africa.


It is about sharing knowledge, advocating for change and growing our voice now so that the 7th Generation is acknowledged.


For the first time, in a long time, SAOSO can say that its membership is growing to truly represent Mzansi's diverse organic network and value chain. There is much work to be done and we encourage you to share our messages so that we can grow our representation and get others on the SAOSO journey. 

Currently SAOSO is steered by an interim group of volunteers who have been committed to getting the organisation to an AGM so that a representative body can be elected.


We are here! Let’s elect a vibrant, capable Steering Committee that has the interests of our soils and ourselves both in the context of the 7th Generation at heart. 


In order for you to participate in both the nomination process, and the voting process, there are a couple of things you need to know:

- This will be a predominantly electronic process. You will first need to complete the membership application form, which will entitle you to nominate and vote. See the sign up tab on this page. 

- While we are thankful of the support of all those who have paid their membership fee, registration, not payment, is a requirement for the election.

- For those who do not have access to the internet, particularly farmers in the rural areas, SAOSO will be working with PGS-SA to facilitate paper based voting. 

- The closing date for nominations is 10th February, 2017. All those nominated will be contacted by SAOSO to provide a short bio and that will be shared with those participating in the voting process and s/he will also be required to register as a member if they have not already done so. 

- The names of the top 15 nominations will be circulated for election through an independent voting platform, and you can vote for up to three candidates to the SC. The closing date of election of the SC will be the 20th March.


- The seven candidates with the most votes will form the newly elected Steering Committee and this will be announced via the voting platform and at the AGM. 

We hope that you will participate in the process towards a united organic voice for a food sovereign nation.

It is moments in time like these that will change what the future holds for the 7th generation.

Thank you to the existing members who are aligning with the AGM process and who have been connected through our email communications. We ask for your indulgence in the process up till the AGM (21st March) and moreover in the selection of the governing body for SAOSO.

There will be several posts coming to you, however, if we do not have your details yet and you would like to get involved in the South African Organic Sector Organisation, please click here.

For those of you who already nominated a name/candidate, we thank you for the quick response and passion behind it. However, your vote was premature. We are intending to come up with a software program that will conduct the whole process, asking for nominations, compiling a list of the most named individuals, and sharing this with you as the elected board.

There will be seven persons chosen/elected by you and you will have the opportunity to name seven people. Should you not know any more than one then that name too will be entered into the voting/nomination process. You will of course be informed when the relevant post goes out, so please don’t name those persons now.

The form when sent will also ask that you ascribe your RSA or equivalent ID number so that we can be assured you only have one opportunity to name those persons you elect/nominate. We appeal that you have as many persons nominate their preferred candidate/s. Please ask your network to complete the form and send it to SAOSO. For those who do not have access to a digital vote please help submit the form for them with their ID number and nominated candidates.

If we all do not come together the Organic sector will of course remain fragmented with lots of duplication of energy and purpose. There has never been such a moment in the biography of Organic in Mzansi.


Organic farmers, organic consumers and organic retailers let's all get on the same page and secure a future of fresh, healthy and safe food.

Help us seize the moment.

Creating a healthy and thriving food-scape in hope of a food-sovereign South Africa



Are you committed to the organic/agroecological sector?

Do you want to have an influence on how your food is farmed?

Are you concerned as to the impact of agriculture on the environment?


If you have said yes to one or more of the above questions then this is your chance to make a contribution through joining the South African OPAP  journey where an immense impact is about to be realised.

You can participate in the upcoming SAOSO AGM and elect a person/s who will represent your concerns onto the SAOSO board. The process will happen digitally so we don’t even have to “get off the couch”.


Please send us the name of the person who you most think represents an approach to the soil, the food, the environment the value chain that aligns to what you would want.


We will compile a list of the 15 most nominated persons (nationally) and then ask for 6 to be voted as representatives of SAOSO. If you don’t nominate and/or vote then unfortunately, you might have to accept someone who does not have your best interest at heart.


The time has come for the organic/agroecological sector to “take the bull by the horns” and be actively involved in determining the way forward both for yourself and those of the 7th Generation.


Our chance at success is directly proportional to our commitment.






Date of SAOSO AGM to be announced.


Believe in good food, food that is safe, clean and kind to the environment? 


SAOSO has been working to consolidate the Organic Sector in South Africa and is our united voice to government, the promulgation of our organic standards has been a momentous achievement in the history of South African Organic agriculture toward a sovereign organic food system. 


The date for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016, will be announced to the public and our databases shortly. We are aiming to make this a successful AGM so we can elect a well-represented steering committee. Regional chapters are also important to ensure we grow steadily in every province. Working together to achieve a healthy sector body is a very important task over the next 5 - 10 years. We need one collective voice to hold the powers that be accountable for sub-standard practice and 'green-washing' in the sector. Our food system needs to serve the people not the interests of large corporates and stakeholders. 


If we do not have your details yet and you would like to attend the AGM, please click here.


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