The Ethical Value Chain

Technology in the Green Sector

A new 'App' that connects farmers, retailers and consumers to an ethical food supply and distribution chain.

The Real Food Network (RFN) is an online marketplace that connects people with fresh food through local producers and food hubs, like a network of online farmer's markets.

RFN is a non-profit social enterprise. It allows producers and food hubs to offer their wares for sale directly to buyers, resulting in better value all round, reducing waste associated with food distribution, and promoting food security. It is essentially a service provider: it does not buy or sell produce, but provides a technology platform for buyers and sellers.

Anybody producing, selling or buying food can sign up.

Sellers can join this independent, global marketplace by creating an online shop front. Registration and listing is free of charge, and transactions are charged at 2% (capped at R500 per month). Manage your business online with OFN's tools for day-to-day business operation. Set up a producer shop and sell your products directly to customers, or create a food hub and sell products from multiple producers. The Open Food Network lets sellers showcase their unique values, connecting them with the growing group of buyers whose choices are based on much more than price, such as sustainability, ethics, and quality.

Shoppers get all the benefit of buying locally grown food from a range of producers, with all the convenience of online shopping. Search by neighbourhood, food category, or whether you prefer delivery or collection. OFN allows you to place orders as a guest shopper or sign up for easy ordering, and payment is simple and direct. Sellers set up their own payment methods, so no money passes through the Open Food Network. Shoppers can also communicate directly with their suppliers, or change or cancel an order.

The Open Food Network relies on its users to determine the standards by supporting enterprises that resonate with their ethics. The transparent supply chain means that seller margins are explicit on each and every purchase. Users are encouraged to get to know the stories behind their food and the people who make it, because OFN is alive with the stories of people who produce food. Help us build a food system we love.

IKandu was conceptualised as a solution for managing rural subsistence and micro-scale farmers being mentored by NGOs, and it quickly became apparent that the agile and flexible architecture easily extends to other verticals as well, and is now available across the board.

Using the Kandu Data Management Platform (DMP), it is possible to conduct surveys and capture a variety of data, including GPS, photographs, free text, singleselect or multiselect choices and many more, directly to an enterprise grade relational database, from a smart phone or tablet. Once in the database, the web based Kandu report server will render data to client specifications.

In addition to the Data Management Platform, Kandu offers data management consulting as well as training and support for end users.

Forms used for data capture are customisable 'on the fly', from the back end, and are accessible through the Kandu Android app, or via secure https on any web browser. Forms are preloaded to the device and once filled out, forms can either be submitted to the database or, if network coverage is not sufficient, they are saved to the device, to be uploaded when in an area with better coverage, or in a WiFi zone. Forms can also be made editable for completion at a later time, if all data was not captured the first time round.

Once the applications are intergrated it will provide us with a comprehensive data bank and locations of productive organic farms that could then it could then be researched and showcased through research papers. This would provide the much needed hard data to advocate for Agro Ecology on a national level as the primary solution to large scale food production in times of drought and climate change. 









The intergration of technology into farming will be one of the catalysts in the transition to a more ethical and environmentally sound value chain that supports the ecological regeneration of large scale farm land. We have everything at our finger tips to create something special to showcase once again South Africa's innovation in a cutting edge field of agro-ecology on a international platform. We need YOUR support in the creation of a ethical value chain that supports local circular economies, envrionmental regreneration, ecolgical farming methods and stamps out the molopolisation of our food system and seed stock. It is a human right to have access to clean healthy food, and it our mission to ensure we do everything in our power to create a value chain that serves the envrionment and the people. 

Forward thinking integration