3rd Party Certification

SAOSO has signed an agreement with Control Union to certify to the SAOSO Standard for Organic Production and Processing. Visit their web site to find out more about being certified for the local market, with the opportunity of international equivalence through the IFOAM Family of Standards.

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Pesticide Spray Drift in South Africa

Calling for legislation on buffer zones and other measures to protect our people and environment. A publication by the South African organic Sector Organisation (SAOSO) and GMO-Poison Free Zones South Arica, researched and written by Sasha Mentz-Lagrange & James Dabrowski. Co-funded by the European Union through the Action 24 Small grant facility. 

This paper discusses pesticide drift contamination issues in South Africa and alerts to the urgent need to revise the legislation regulating agro-chemical usage to set the country firmly on the path of pesticide reduction and protect our people and environment. It also calls for minimising or prohibiting pesticide use in specific areas, mandating buffer zones to protect non-target rural communities, the establishment of a “transition fund” to support farmers wishing to transition and much more. 

Click on the image for a link to the report. 

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