Land Design

Permaculture Land Design is a methodology that is central to the effective planning of a project through the inception and implementation phase. This methodology is often overlooked in organic forms of agriculture.

SAOSO and PGS SA advocate that land design is one of the foundational approaches to an effective and sustainable farm in times of climate change. Permaculture design combines the best of all ecological practices and through design thinking and using the permaculture ethics and principles as a guide for effective ecosystem planning and social governance.

Land design is more than production planning, it is effectively the key to unlocking a regenerative farm and economically viable business plan. Permaculture land design incorporates the follow key aspects.
1. Mainframe Design
2. Sector Analysis
3. Zone Planning
4. Workflows
5. Analysing and Connecting Components

Once the design process has been completed the project is well formulated with a five to ten year implementation plan, budget framework and phases of the project development.

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