Make space on your shelves for PGS assurance and see a rise in the availability of clean food

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Through advocating PGS assurance you will be stimulating access to markets for small scale farmers, strengthening local economies while attending to the high demand of Organic food.


South Africa is a net importer of Organic Food and we lack in supply of local Organic food and growers in the country and for the country. Retailers can play a major role in the growth of the Organic Sector in South Africa.

Thanks to the PGS (Participatory Guarantee System), acquiring Organic food for retail will become much easier and in turn through your support more farmers will be able to enter into the Organic Sector.


So we ask all retailers to start looking out for PGS and talking with farmers. For more information on PGS, please click here.



 The demand for organic has arisen from consumers demanding healthy food that supports ecologically sound farming methods which maintain the health of our soil for the future seven generation.

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South African Organic Sector Organsiation


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