Using tech to grow the organic value chain

The introduction of technology to assist with the data collection and mapping of supply chains will assist the organic value chain to develop on a national scale.

The lack of data on small to medium holder farmers from a national government perspective is partly the reason why the sector of farmers remains unsupported. SAOSO and PGS SA are forging the South African approach to Organic 3.0 where digital supply chains can be more efficient in addressing the complexities with the aggregation of produce from multiple producers and solving the logistics challenges.

The PGS certification process can also be supported by technology, through the digitisation of farm assessments and reporting. Using ecommerce platforms to align to alternative markets will also innovate the supply chains for smaller producers who cannot complete with large scale chemical agriculture. GIS capabilities and monitoring production from satellite imagery all form part of the technology package that SAOSO and PGS SA are pursuing to develop the organic sector nationally.

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