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4 May 2018.  SOASO held their second AGM, the day was a great success with sector support from across the board.


Thank you to all those who attended the SAOSO 2018 Annual General Meeting.


To learn more about what happened on the day, click here



23 March 2018. Announcing the Second SAOSO Annual General Meeting coming up on 4 May 2018.


Come join us at our 2nd Annual General Meeting at the University of Johannesburg Kingsway Campus Libary - Nadine Gordimer room Level 5. 

Please register here if you would like to join us. 


We want to hear your voice. SAOSO belongs to you, choose your representative/s.

Please note that we are limited to a maximum of 50 people for this event.



10 January 2017. The new year is here! Let’s reflect on what SAOSO’s objectives were for 2016 and what was achieved:

Organic Standards: SAOSO has adopted IFOAM standards and these have been promulgated and are equivalent and in some cases better than the IFOAM Family of Standards.

Advocacy to create digital presence: Majestic API is being used to link to as many individuals in the sector as possible. Our database currently sits close to 3,000 and is growing.

Social Media:  SAOSO’s Facebook page is active and the website ( has been relaunched.

Unify the sector: this is ongoing. SAOSO’s membership is growing. It is not possible to say that the sector, as diverse as it is, has been unified, but our regional reach is growing and will continue to grow.

Organise the Annual General Meeting: this is taking place on the 21st March, 2017 – Human Rights Day – an appropriate day as nutritious, healthy food in a healthy environment is a human right.


SAOSO’s interactions with Government take place every quarter through the Organic Sector Strategy Implementation Committee (OSSIC) Meetings. This is where SAOSO raises issues around GMOs and organic policy, and the Agroecological Strategy which SAOSO is pushing to have passed.


We want to hear your voice. SAOSO belongs to you, choose your representative/s.



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